Reece Dunstan

Games Designer | 3D Modeller | Video Editor


Autodesk Maya


  • I've got over two year's experience using Autodesk Maya and it is my preferred software to use when it comes to 3D modelling. I also have experience using Fusion 360 for a personal project.



Game Engines


  • Unreal Engine: I have over three year's experience using Epic's Unreal Engine from college and university work.


  • Gamebryo/Creation Engine: Past and present "modding" experience using Bethesda's current engine used in the popular Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.


  • Unity Engine: I have a year's experience using the Unity engine and wish to expand my knowledge on it.



Video Editing


  • Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro: I have over 5 year's experience using the  Adobe video editing software, mostly for personal projects that can be seen on my YouTube channel.



Web Development


  • Front-end website development: Every single course and unit I have done during my time in college and university has involved some kind of website needing to be made, Ive got around 3 years of experience coding in HTML and CSS to a medium standard.





  • Javascript: Just under a year's experience. Most of the languages I've used have been learnt from assignment work so I generally have a solid grasp on how each works.


  • Processing: This was used for the first year and a half of my time at MMU so I have a solid grasp on the language.


  • Visual Basic: I have a year's worth of experiencing using VB for course work during college, while it has been a few years I doubt it would be hard to get back into if needed.




  • I spent most of my time New Charter Academy designing and making items using wood working techniques, this was mostly done by researching, planning and then creating children's toys.

Games Design Graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Focusing on 3D modelling/asset creation.

Contact Information

Email: r.d.rd204@googlemail.co.uk